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Tomato Bonbons Dessert

Origin: Italy

Sweet revisited version of Tomato Mozzarella


- 12 cherry tomatoes

- 10g of butter

- 1/2 cup of sugar

- mint leaves

- basil leaves


- slice basil leaves

- heat a pot of water

- drop the cherry tomatoes in

- remove them after 1 minute

- peel off tomato skin

- heat a pan on medium heat and add sugar

- like making a caramel, wait until bottom layer of sugar has melted

- add in the butter

- avoid over-stirring or else it might form cubes

- add in the tomatoes

- cook for 3-5 minutes until bottom of tomatoes start to caramelise

- add in the basil leaves and give gentle stir

- remove from heat and cool before serving

- add mint leaves on top


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