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Roasted lemon-butter chicken thighs with potatoes

One-pot wonder to share with your family and friends! Crispy skin of the chicken contrasts with the creamy potatoes baked in lemon butter.


- chicken thighs

- potatoes cut into large dices

- butter

- lemon

- thyme

- parsley

- pepper and salt

- olive oil


For homemade lemon-butter:

in a pot on low heat, melt the butter

  1. add lemon juice and mix

  2. store the liquid lemon butter in the fridge for it to solidify

For the dish:

  1. grease the pot with lemon or regular butter

  2. pose the potatoes in the pan and season with herbs (thyme and parsley) and salt and pepper

  3. remove any fat under the chicken skin (between skin and flesh)

  4. rub lemon butter on the chicken thighs, on the skin and under

  5. season the chicken with salt and pepper and place in oven pot/ pan

  6. finish off with drizzle of olive oil

  7. preheat oven to 200°C or grill mode

  8. bake until skin turns light brown and crispy

  9. Serve!



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