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Halloween pumpkin special: Pak Fak Tong Gnocchi

Origin: Italy and Thailand


- 0.75kg potatoes– mashed

- 1 egg yolk

- 150g all-purpose/pasta flour

- pinch of salt

- fork

- 1/2 pumpkin/squash

- fresh chili

- basil leaves

- garlic cloves

  1. mash the potatoes (oven-bake them first to remove some water from the potato)

  2. mix the mashed potato with flour and salt

  3. knead the dough and sprinkle with flour until there is a good consistency

  4. roll the dough out into a long strip

  5. cut into 2cm chunks

  6. with a fork, roll each chunk over the back of the fork to form the gnocchi

  7. in a pot, boil water and add salt

  8. cook the gnocchi– take them out once they float to the top

  9. in the same pot with the pasta water, boil the pumpkin until cooked (but not too soft; it must still keep its form)

  10. take the pumpkin out and cut the pumpkin into chunks

  11. in another pan, add oil, garlic and chilli

  12. add in the gnocchi and caramelise the surfaces

  13. add in the pumpkin and season with salt and basil leaves

  14. serve!



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