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Galette aux Champignons et Mozza

French Buckwheat Crepe with mushrooms and mozzarella

Origin: Brittany, France


- crepe mix (see other post)

- a box of mushrooms

- garlic salt (or garlic and salt)

- pepper, herbs, thyme etc.

- mozzarella


- on medium heat, add oil then garlic salt

- add in the mushrooms and cook until colour turns dark

- add some pepper and season with thyme and other herbs

- remove from heat

- pour crepe mix into pan with a soup spoon

- as you pour, rotate/spin the pan in a circular motion to spread out the batter evenly

- leave for 1-2 minutes

- then shake the pan gently to feel if it is ready to flip

- it is ready once the crepe glides smoothly on the pan as you shake it

- either flip with the pan or use a spatula to flip

- cook other side for 1-2 minutes

- flip back and add 2 spoons of mushroom in the center

- fold the edges in to create a square shape

- either add pieces of mozzarella in when crepe is still in the pan

- or remove from heat and add uncooked

- or add mozzarella and finish cooking crepe in the oven (careful: edges of crepe may dry quick)

- or with a kitchen torch, heat the mozzarella



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